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Our Products

We sell the followiing products.

Geotextile / Filter Fabric

Plantra tree tubes


Cocodiscs® 38 cm (15”) =$1.25 + HST 


These are great for weed prevention, eliminating the need for herbicide applications to remove competing vegetation. Some other benefits are they provide even moisture retention/distribution, biodegradable, won’t trap heat like plastic weed barriers will and also enhances new seedling root development.

* 5% discounts are available for quantities over 100

Cocodiscs® 38 cm (15”)


We sell Solflo Max Forestry Grade (210kPa) and DOT Grade (320kPa) – double wall, smooth interior & corrugated exterior, polyethylene culverts.

Our diameters range from 6” – 48” and lengths range from 20’ – 30’.

Other products and services available are:

1. Couplers (Split & Bell), Elbows (22.5 º, 45º & 90º) and T’s

2. Filter Fabric Rolls - (4’, 6’ & 12’ wide x 330’ long) sold by the foot.

3. Silt Fencing - (100 feet long x 3 feet wide with 4 foot stakes)

4. Culvert and Bridge Installations by our DOE Certified Installers

If we don’t have it in stock, we will get it ordered in ASAP for you!

Culvert Prices

Prices do not include HST

Cash and carry only

Please see Jamie Floyd for purchase info and bulk order discounts.

All culverts with (*320 kPa) are DOT grade and all others are 210kPA-Forestry grade.