The Private Wood Producers Association of Southern New Brunswick was formed in 1964, by the late Canon William E Hart and other wood producers in the area. Their objectives were to help wood producers receive a fair price for their forest products, promote good forest management and encourage the production of quality forest products from private woodlots.

The SNB Wood Co-operative Limited was formed in 1974 to become the business arm of the Wood Producers Association. The Co-op obtained contracts and bought forest products from its members to be resold to industries. By combining the many small volumes of individual woodlot owners in a single larger volume, the Co-op was able to negotiate better prices for its members.

To join your local woodlot owner co-operative, please apply in writing to the Board of Directors. The Co-op is managed by a Board of nine Directors.

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SNB Wood Co-operative Ltd. Office

In 1986, the Co-op built a new office just south-west of Sussex, off Highway No. 1. on the Drurys Cove Road.

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