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Thank-you for visiting the website of the SNB Forest Products Marketing Board Ltd. and SNB Wood Co-operative Ltd.  We hope you find everything you are looking for to assist you in the sustainable management of your private woodlot resources.




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Victims of September’s Heavy Rainfall can now apply for Disaster Financial Assistance

If your property sustained damage during September’s heavy rainfall event you may qualify for Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA). The provincial government has announced a DFA program for eligible costs associated with damage caused by heavy rainfall on September 30, 2015. The deadline to submit an application for financial assistance is April 29, 2016. For DFA information, visit the EMO website at www.gnb.ca/emo or call 1-888-553-8558.


Information on government website includes:



Boundary Line Reconnaissance, Blazing and Painting Program

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Management Plan Funding Levels Increased to 90%!


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SFM Department

Our Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Department can provide you with the technical and financial assistance you need to perform a wide variety silvicultural treatments on your private woodlot.  




LMS Department

The Land Management Services (LMS) Program was initially designed for non-resident woodlot owners, but we have found that as many or more resident owners are participating in the program.  











Wood Products Markets

Check out our complete listing of all of our current markets for all of your hardwood and softwood wood products.  This information is updated daily, so check back regularly to find out the latest prices and to ensure the mill is taking your products before you start cutting them.           


NTFP's & Land Stewardship Activities


SNB has diversified its services offered to woodlot owners over the past several years, offering variety of non-timber forest product and land stewardship related activities and projects.